Experienced and hard working Unity 3D developer since 2011.

Specializing in expertly made mobile games and applications, AR and VR apps and 3d games.

I am located in Israel.

Contact me if you need an Unity expert for your project.

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  • Unity3D game designer and programmer.

  • Mobile development, AR and VR expertise.


Contact Info:


General information:


  • Address: Khurgin 22, Ramat-Gan.

  • Date of birth: 30.04.1988

  • Country of birth: Russia.

  • Sex: Male.


Work experience:

October 2017 - June 2018: Lecturer at Tiltan College

At Tiltan College In Haifa, I give the following lessons at the game development department:

  • Unity3D for beginners

  • Unity3D advanced

  • AR and VR development

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Multiplayer


2016 - 2017: Developer at Inception VR

At Inception VR I have developed for many VR platforms, including:

  • GearVR


  • Android Cardboard

  • iOS Cardboard

  • Oculus RIFT

  • PSVR

  • Google DayDream

Inception VR was one of the 50 first companies to develop apps for the Google Daydream store and I was personally in charge of that project.

2013 - 2015: Freelancer developer

As a Freelancer I’ve developed programs and design documents for numerous companies.

The largest of which were:

  • ll-software

  • PMI - Kids world

  • DeckDaq


The work included mostly development and product finalization for iOS, but also game design,         product design, military simulation programming, character design, server communication, server side development and image recognition.

Most of the programming was done with C#.


It’s also important to note I’ve worked with the following Unity plug-ins:

  •  NGUI

  •  PRIME31 Social Networking

  •  PRIME31 Ad-Hoc

  •  PRIME31 Store-Kit

  •  Vuforia Image recognition.

  • One-Signal push notifications.


I have also developed a full server with the following tools:

  • .Net enviorment with c# server programming.

  • .aspx web pages for communication and mamangment.

  • sql and LINQ for database developement.



2012: Unity developer at Sergata Mobile:

At Sergata I’ve worked on a large project for a company called “MindLab”; the project included 8     Android Tablet games that connect to a larger application that controls them. These games             were used for educational purposes and are currently part of the Brazil educational system.

On the project, I’ve worked with the EZGUI plug-in for Unity and programmed with JS.




  • MCPD course at the High-tech College in Herzelyia.

  • Full Israeli education “Bagrut”, with 5 points in physics, math and English.


Unity3D related skills:


  • C# programming.

  • JS programming.

  • Extensive knowledge of .NET libraries.

  • All editor related functionalities (including, but not limited to: scenes, prefabs, gameobjects, components, animations, colliders, scripts etc.)

  • Android optimization and compilation

  • iOS optimization and compilation.

  • NGUI, EZGUI, PRIME31, UNI2D, PlayerIO, Vuforia and other plug-ins

  • Working with SVN version-control.

  • 3D envioremnt design and import.


Non-Unity3D related skills:


Game design, Project design docs, Photoshop, Flash, Visual basic, Visual Studio, Game maker, RPG maker, various game map editors, Windows, Mac, MS studio, Google Docs, SVN and more.




  • English

  • עברית

  • русский



* Recommendations, project examples and relevant documents will be given on demand.



Sen Sorokin