During 2015, I have managed the development of an application for the Israeli site preservation council, with two more developers working for me. The app included puzzle games, information on various sites and various AR functionalities. I have been overseeing development for the entire project and managed to produce it quickly and efficiently with the relatively low budget and tight time constraints, without sacrificing quality.

  • PMI are the rightful owners of many trademarks in Israel, including "Supergol" (סופרגול) and "The neighborhood" (השכונה).

  • The projects included several  Unity3D clients that run on both Android and iOS devices.

  • The projects also included several .NET servers with SQL data base.

  • On the projects worked three additional programmers under my management.

  • All of the projects listed below were done solely by me and my workers.

SuperGol (2014)
  • An online trivia game with physical cards integration.

  • Augmented reality with special golden cards that, when seen on camera, show detailed information, images and videos of a player.

  • Over 100,000 total gamers!

  • An online shop done in JS and HTML.

  • Unique push notifications and messaging system.

DeckDaq GAMES 2013

Deckdaq is a virtual card collection game developer.

It develops apps for big IPs such as "Garfield", "Real Madrid", "NFL", "NHL", "NBA" and many more.

The games have a large user base playing on facebook and mobile.

Mobile version is Unity 3D Based.

Additional info can be found at www.DecDaq.com

My part in production:

  • Sole developer of the mobile versions of 4 games.

  • Animations, UX and card collection mechanics.

  • Server communication features using JSON data.

  • In-app purchases and full iPhone compatibility.

Garfield Collections
  • A CCG with "Garfield" themed cards.

  • Purchasing and oppening different rarity packs.

  • Purchasing albums and plaement of cards in said albums.

  • An active marketplace with users selling and buying cards.

  • An arena in which players put their cards to the test against each other.

Volcano Drop

The game is a single endless level. The player attempts to avoid being smashed, burned or otherwise eliminated by obstacles falling (mostly) from above. Most falling obstacles then remain on the ground, changing the levels terrain while the level scrolls upwards. Additionally to the obstacles, the player encounters power ups that help him traverse the environment and treasure that is used to buy upgrades in the upgrades screen.

Endless platformer for mobile touch screen devices.

It is a nerve tensing and fast experience filled with clutch moments and hard difficulty.

  • MindLab is an educational company. More info can be found here - http://www.mindlab-group.com/

  • The project includes a multitude of games for the Android Tablet and web.

  • Full featured puzzle games with over 30 levels, menus and splash screens.

  • Some of the games include advanced AI.

  • Full connectivity to a “mother application” that runs those games.

My part in production:

  • 1 of the 2 programmers working on 7 of the games.

  • Designing of elements in the scenes including over 30 levels for 4 non-PvP game.

  • PvP support for 3 other games.

  • Programming of interface, AI, player control features and plugin support.

  • Use of the EZGUI plug-in for Unity3D.

  • Compilation and memory optimization for the Galaxy Tab 2 device, taking into account another application running in the background.

Move It
  • A puzzle game under the company "Sergata mobile" as an outsourcing for "MindLab".

  • 40 levels of sliding objects to get open an exit path for the main character.

  • Animations, music, level selection screen, splash screen, settings and tutorial.

  • A large slot machine game created by "DragonPlay".

  • Lots of different slot machines.

  • Facebook integration.

My part in production:

  • Technological consultant.

  • Taught the team to work with Unity3D


  • iPhone game.

  • Ads, in-app purchases, Facebook and twitter sharing support.

  • Multiplayer game via friends invite.

My part in production:

  • Programming and iTunes upload and support.

  • A multi-platform shooting game for “Space cowboys studio”.

  • Achievements, online high-scores, story mode and arcade mode.

  • Multiple levels and targets.

  • Full animations and sound.

My part in production:

  • PC and android versions compatibility.

  • Debugging and problem fixing.

  • Integration with the App-store.

Backyard Shootn