How much does Augmented Reality Cost?

The cost of an AR application can vary greatly, based on which features you require, which devices you'd want to be supported and the sheer size and complexity of the app.

This can range anywhere between $900 for a simple offline app with minimum functionality to $75,000 for a Massive Multiplayer AR experience with complex game-play and graphics.

Here at Gaming Reborn, we provide you with the most affordable Augmented Reality app development in the market and to prove that, here is a detailed list of available features and their prices.

Anything not on that list will be developed at an hourly rate of 40$ per hour.

*Please note that the prices stated here are an merely a price estimation and do not necessarily reflect the final price which may fluctuate by about 20%-25% in either direction, depending on the complexity of the features requested. 

Design Document

It is highly unwise to start development without a detailed design document. Before we start coding, we will develop a detailed design document for your application. The price of the design document will vary, depending on the scope of the project.

300$ - 1,500$

Supported devices

Android support

Make an app that is supported by Android devices, such as the Galaxy S8 and LG V30


iOS support

Make an app that is supported by iOS devices such as the iPhone 7 and 8


Support of older devices

Want to support older and more obscure devices that are currently available in the market? No problem. We can do that too.


Tablet/iPad support

Make an app that works not only on mobile phones, but on Tablets and iPads as well.


Hololens support

Take advantage of the Microsoft Hololens mixed reality.


Server & connectivity

Server requirement

​Do you need your players interact with each other? Or do you want to be able to change their experience without forcing them to update the app? Maybe you want to save data about the players outside of their device. In any of those cases you'll require a server.


Simple web based management system

​Want to access data about your players or change things in the game?
A browser management system is the simplest and cheapest solution.
This feature will allow you to access all the data available in your server and even manipulate some of it.
Please note that this price refers to a server with small amount of data (about 1-4 tables) and no special UX design.
see "Advanced web based management system" for a more advanced option.


Advanced web based management system

​If you want a server with large amounts of data and the ability to quickly access and manipulate it, you'll need this feature.
Any server between 5-15 tables, advanced features such as the ability to see and edit your points of interest on the map are included here.
For anything even more complicated, contact us and we'll provide you with a more accurate pricing.


Interaction between users

​Make interaction between users possible. Want players to be able to send each other gifts, messages and invitations? Then you'll need this.


Realtime interaction

​Need your interactions to be calculated in real time? Can your players play with or against each other in a format where timing matters? Then you'll need this.


Advanced security protection

​Afraid that your users might attempt to hack your game to exploit it? Then we can make a robust security protection for you.


Server maintance

​After development has finished, we can fully transfer the project to you and let you manage it yourself, but we recommend that you let us maintain your server for you. This means that we will fix any problems that may occur and will easily and cheaply develop additional features for you. The price is per month per 1,000 users.


per month for 1,000 users

Map features

Interactive mao with player location


​Create a map screen with your players location and points of interest visually shown on said map. This is similar to the functionality of Google Maps or Pokemon Go.

Ability to see other players on map

​Allow players to see some or all other players currently on the map in their vicinity. This is similar to the functionality of Waze.


Dynamic POIs from server

​Add points of interest to your game dynamically from your server, rather than having fixed points. This is similar to the functionality of Pokemon Go.


Additional AR features

Gyroscope-based AR


​Gyroscope based AR is a system that tracks the location of an object compared to the user's and shows is on the user's screen. The system uses the compass and gyro input of the device to know how to position the locations properly. You can get markers on the users screen to change based on the user's distance from them. Maybe you want simple text to be shown if the user is far and a 3D model if he's close, or to animate your model for very up-close distances. This is similar to the functionality of Vortex Planetarium - Astronomy.

Image recognition

​Display 3D objects on top of predefined images or QR codes. We recommend using this feature with the Gyroscope-based AR to show objects based on the compass and GPS location of the user when their are far and then switching to the more precise image recognition behavior when up close.


SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping)


​SLAM, or "Simultaneous localization and mapping" allows you to place 3D objects in the real world without having the need to have an image there. You can have your models interacting on smooth surfaces such as tables and floors.

Face recognition


​Recognise human faces and place 3D objects on them.

Social support

Facebook login

​Let your users login to your app using the Facebook credentials.


Facebook share

​Make interaction between users possible. Want players to be able to send each other gifts, messages and invitations? Then you'll need this.


Invite Fcebook friends

​Allow your users to invite their facebook friends to play your game.


Google login

​Let your users login with their Google credentials.



​Enable iOS/Google play achievements and leveling up in your app.


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